Journal of Statistical Modelling: Theory and Applications (JSMTA) publishes original research papers in the area of statistical modelling, in two issues per year. Great importance is attached to new developments in statistical modeling and to actual innovative applicability of the proposed statistical methods and results. Topics of interest include, without being limited to, multivariate analysis, high dimensional statistics and nonparametric statistics, categorical data analysis and latent variable models, reliability, lifetime data analysis and statistics in engineering sciences.


Current Issue: Volume 1, Issue 1, Winter and Spring 2018, Pages 1-179 

Original Scientific Paper

1. Computational approach test in one-way fixed effects ANOVA models of log-normal samples

Pages 1-11

Kamel Abdollahnezhad; Saba Aghadoust

12. On a measure of dependence and its application to ICA

Pages 167-179

Jafar Rahmanishamsi; Ahmad Alikhani-Vafa