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Article Title : Mathematics of evidences in dynamic systems with exponential component lifetimes and optimal sample size determination

Journal Number : 1234 Spring 2018

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In this paper‎, ‎statistical evidences in lifetimes of‎ ‎sequential $r$-out-of-$n$ systems‎, ‎which are modelled by the‎ ‎concept of sequential order statistics (SOS)‎, ‎coming from‎ ‎homogeneous exponential populations are considered‎. ‎Weak and‎ ‎misleading evidences in SOS for hypotheses about the population‎ ‎parameter are derived in explicit expressions and their‎ ‎behaviours with respect to the model parameters are studied in‎ ‎details‎. ‎Optimal sample sizes given a minimum desired level for‎ ‎the decisive and the correct probabilities are‎ ‎provided‎. ‎It is shown that the optimal sample size does not depend‎ ‎on some model parameters.