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Article Title : On construction confidence interval for‎ ‎linear combination means of several heterogeneous log-normal‎ ‎distributions

Journal Number : 1234 Spring 2018

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1 A. Malekzadeh Assistant Professor PhD


We consider the problem of constructing confidence‎ ‎interval for linear combination of the means of several log-normal‎ ‎distributions‎. ‎We apply the generalized confidence interval (GCI)‎ ‎approach and the method of variance estimate recovery (MOVER) to‎ ‎construct confidence intervals for the linear combination of‎ ‎log-normal means‎. ‎We then compare the performances of the proposed‎ ‎confidence intervals via a simulation study and a real data‎ ‎example‎. ‎Simulation results show that our proposed MOVER and GCI‎ ‎confidence intervals can be recommended generally for different‎ ‎sample sizes and different number of groups‎.