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Article Title : Preliminary test estimation in Rayleigh‎ ‎distribution under a squared-log error loss

Journal Number : 1234 Spring 2018

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1 M‎. Naghizadeh Qomi - -
2 ‎H‎. ‎Zareefard - -


The problem of pretest estimation in Rayleigh type-II‎ ‎censored data under the squared-log error loss (SLEL) is‎ ‎considered‎. ‎The risk-unbiased estimator is derived and its risk is‎ ‎computed under the SLEL‎. ‎The pretest estimator based on a point‎ ‎guess about the parameter of interest is constructed and the bias‎ ‎and risk is computed‎. ‎A comparison study is performed between the‎ ‎pretest estimator and the risk-unbiased estimator‎. ‎The optimal‎ ‎level of significance and critical values of pretest is obtained‎ ‎using regret‎ ‎minimax method‎. ‎A real data set is used for illustrative purposes.