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Article Title : Computational approach test in one-way fixed effects ANOVA models of log-normal samples

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Journal Number : 2 Spring-Summer 2018

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1 Kamel Abdollahnezhad Assistant Professor PhD
2 ‎S‎. ‎ Aghadoust - -


We apply a recently developed computational approach‎ ‎test (CAT) to the one-way fixed effects ANOVA models of log-normal‎ ‎data with unequal variances‎. ‎The merits of the proposed test are‎ ‎numerically compared with the existing tests‎ - ‎the James second‎ ‎order test‎, ‎the Welch test and the Alexander-Govern test‎ - ‎with‎ ‎respect to their sizes and powers in different combinations of‎ ‎parameters and various sample sizes‎. ‎The simulation results‎ ‎demonstrate that the proposed method is‎ ‎satisfactory‎: ‎its type I error probability is very close to the nominal level‎. ‎We illustrate these approaches using a real example.