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Article Title : Characterizations on the basis of cumulative residual entropy of sequential order statistics

Journal Number : 2 Spring-Summer 2018

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1 Majid Hashempour Assistant Professor PhD
2 M. Doostparast Professor PhD


This article deals with the problem of characterizing the parent distribution on the basis of the cumulative residual entropy of‎ ‎sequential order statistics under a conditional proportional hazard rates model‎. ‎It is shown that the equality of‎ ‎the cumulative residual entropy in the first sequential order statistics determines uniquely the parent distribution‎. ‎Subsequently‎, ‎we characterize the Weibull distribution on the basis of the ratio of the‎ ‎cumulative residual entropy of first sequential order statistics to the corresponding mean‎. ‎Also‎, ‎we consider characterizations based on‎ ‎the dynamic cumulative residual entropy and derive some bounds for the cumulative residual‎ ‎entropy of residual lifetime of the sequential order statistics.