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Article Title : A new extended alpha power transformed family of distributions‎: p‎roperties and applications

Journal Number : 2 Spring-Summer 2018

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  Full Name Email Grade Degree Corresponding Author
1 Zubair Ahmad Post Graduate Student PhD
2 M. Elgarhy Associate Professor PhD
3 ‎Nasir Abbas Assistant Professor PhD


In this paper‎, ‎a new method has been proposed to introduce an extra parameter to a family of lifetime distributions for more flexibility‎. ‎A special sub-case has been considered in details namely; two parameters Weibull distribution‎. ‎Various mathematical properties of the proposed distribution‎, ‎including explicit expressions for the moments‎, ‎quantile‎, ‎moment generating function‎, ‎residual life‎, ‎mean residual life and order statistics are derived‎. ‎The maximum likelihood estimators of unknown parameters cannot be obtained in explicit forms‎, ‎and they have to be obtained by solving non-linear equations only‎. ‎A simulation study is conducted to evaluate the performances of these estimators‎. ‎For the illustrative purposes‎, ‎two data sets have been analyzed to show how the proposed model work in practice.