Mapping the geographical patterns of suicide mortality rates in Iran‎: ‎An analysis of socioeconomic factors and spatial dependence

Document Type : Original Scientific Paper


Judiciary Research Institute, Tehran, Iran


Suicide is a complex issue that affects many regions globally‎, ‎and the factors that contribute to it can differ based on geographical and cultural contexts‎. ‎In this study‎, ‎we examine the relationship between socioeconomic factors and suicide mortality rates across 31 provinces in Iran‎, ‎using data from 2020‎. ‎We employ spatial econometric methods to analyze the data‎, ‎allowing us to explore the statistical relationships between economic models and regional science‎. ‎Our analysis reveals a significant clustering of suicide mortality in some western provinces‎, ‎as shown by the distribution map of suicide mortality by province‎. ‎We also find that the unemployment rate has a significant impact on suicide mortality‎. ‎These findings provide valuable information for developing effective prevention strategies.


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