Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 2, July 2021 

Original Scientific Paper

On the developments of Maxwell-Dagum distribution

Pages 1-23


Aliyu Ismail Ishaq; Alfred Adewole Abiodun

On the estimation problem in AR(1) model with exponential innovations

Pages 51-62


Abdollah Saadatmand; Ali Reza Nematollahi; Soltan Mohammad Sadooghi-Alvandi

The gamma odd power generalized Weibull-G family of distributions with applications

Pages 79-101


Morongwa Gabanakgosi; Thatayaone Moakofi; Broderick Oluyede; Boikanyo Makubate

The Weibull odd Burr III-G family of distributions with properties and applications

Pages 113-142


Peter O. Peter; Broderick Oluyede; Nkumbuludzi Ndwapi; Huybrechts Bindele